Addition of Golf Rehabilitation and Research Center in Scottsdale AZ

March 14, 2018 | Posted In: Newsroom, Press Releases

Barrow Brain and Spine Sports Performance Center

Scottsdale, AZ – As of February 1, 2018, Barrow Brain and Spine has introduced and implemented the BBS Sports Performance Center. The goal of the center is to research and analyze golf function in an effort to fill the research void on injury during golf function. The goal of the center is to provide outstanding analysis and measurements to help us best design return to golf protocols for clients returning to golf after an injury. The program is also designed to dissect and find deficits that can lead to injury, and implement preventative protocols to avoid injury in the future.

The spine is an essential component of golf function. Injury from golf is common and results in many challenging spinal injuries such as disc injury, facet injury, and muscular and nervous system issues. The goal of this center is to analyze patterns of dysfunction that can lead to pain and the ultimate breakdown of key body structures during sports. We are starting with the golf swing and plan to expand to other sports in the future. We are looking to create preventative protocols and help individuals get the best analysis available to help avoid current and future injury. The target of the center isn’t to coach the golf swing; it is primarily focused on injury prevention, research analysis and future protocols to avoid injury.

Barrow is Arizona’s largest neurosurgery practice group and world-renowned team of experts dedicated to neuroscience care and research. Teaming with Barrow Brain and Spine enables us to design protocols of rehabilitation no matter what the condition. We anticipate creating return-to-golf protocols for all levels of athlete in the golf arena. Whether you’re a professional trying to avoid injury, or a client returning from a surgical operation, this center will design and build the best protocol specific to the individual’s needs.

All the physical therapists at Barrow Brain and Spine are available to provide the analysis, care and golf rehabilitation needed to get you back to your highest potential. The center is located at 7550 E. Greenway Rd., Suite #115, Scottsdale, AZ.

Barrow Brain and Spine has seven locations throughout the Valley and an affiliation with Barrow Neurological Institute. Barrow Brain and Spine was the first neurosurgery practice in Arizona and was established in 1960 by Dr. John Green. Dr. Robert Spetzler, Dr. Green’s successor, transformed Barrow into one of the best neuroscience centers in the world and one of the leading neurosurgery residency and fellowship training programs in the world. Dr. Michael Lawton, Dr. Spetzler’s successor, now leads the Barrow Neurological Institute’s continued growth and expansion.

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