Barrow Neurosurgeon Dr. Fusco Shares Tips For Optimal Spine Health on Sonoran Living TV


Dr. David Fusco on Sonoran Living TV

Barrow Brain and Spine Neurosurgeon Dr. David Fusco, MD, stopped by the Sonoran Living ABC 15 TV studios during National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.  Dr. Fusco treats patients with common to complex spinal degenerative conditions out of Barrow Brain and Spine’s Chandler practice. During the segment, he shared key tips on preventing back pain along with insights about how Barrow evaluates and helps patients who may be experiencing varying levels of spine pain. 

Watch the full TV segment here:

Some of the key insights shared by Dr. Fusco during the segment:

  • Chronic heavy lifting, especially with improper technique, poor diet and being overweight, and smoking can increase severity of arthritis.  Low calcium and vitamin D can further lead to decreased bone density and risk of bone fracture, particularly in older populations.
  • Smoking cessation, weight loss, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D and regular exercises that strengthen the core can promote optimal spine health.
  • Spine pain, and even an MRI with arthritis, doesn’t automatically signal spine surgery!  Barrow gives patients a full assessment and employs various options, including PT, abdominal/core strengthening, injection therapy, spinal traction, massage, and more, in order to deliver the best possible outcomes. If other treatment options have been explored and surgery is deemed necessary, our neurosurgery team is well equipped when it comes to minimally invasive procedures and other cutting-edge treatments for spine pain patients.


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