Pushing The Boundaries of Brain & Spine Treatment

While we’re lifelong students in the world of brain, spine, and pain management advancements, we also drive much of that discovery and achievement through our association with Barrow Neurological Institute. We diagnose and treat a wide array of complex conditions and have proven, evidence-based outcomes. We’re exhaustive in our process to find the right solution for our patients, whether it involves surgery or not.

A Partner of Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute is an important partner to Barrow Brain and Spine. Only together have we been able to reach the pinnacle of neuroscience. Although Barrow Brain and Spine is an independent medical practice, our physicians hold directorships and teaching positions at Barrow Neurological Institute. Relying on more than 50 years of garnered expertise, groundbreaking discoveries and brand new technologies, this relationship provides a vital foundation to what we do. All in the spirit of better, life-altering, minimally invasive patient care.

Barrow Brain and Spine by the Numbers: Our Neurological Treatment Successes

We’re proud of our contributions that have helped shape the world of neurosurgery. As a patient, you should demand this level of expertise, especially when dealing with complex brain and spine conditions.

  • We perform more than 8,000 procedures per year, earning us the skills necessary to handle complex conditions, which many other centers simply can’t treat.
  • We’ve pioneered numerous procedures and techniques, including the cardiac standstill surgery, neuro-spinal scaffolding implants, the development of a spinal surgery robot, and more.
  • Our surgeons developed new approaches to reach lesions in the difficult skull-base area of the brain, enabling removal of what was previously considered inoperable.
  • Through our partnership with Barrow Neurological Institute, patients have access to invaluable research and hundreds of clinical trials, enabling better treatment options, sooner.

Making the Impossible, Possible

We’re honored to call Barrow our home. It empowers us to find answers where none exist. Here, we strive to make the impossible possible. We do this by:

  • Maintaining one of the busiest neurosurgical centers in the country — higher surgical volume leads to better patient outcomes.
  • Bringing new treatments to our patients with FDA-approved products and offerings that were ideated right here, in partnership with Barrow Neurological Institute.

This correlates to data-backed, proven outcomes that result in better patient care. We willingly accept our responsibility in driving forward better, more patient-friendly solutions that earn us the right to ask for your trust and confidence.

Sharing Our Insights Globally: World Leaders In Neurological Care

The advanced neurosurgical procedures performed at Barrow are often exclusive to our practice. The TelePresence Teleconference System makes it possible to share procedures with students and neuroscience specialists all across the globe.

Through this interconnected technology, we’re able to share insights in real-time across the world, leading to an increased understanding of the latest breakthroughs for the entire neurosurgical community. As a patient being treated within our teaching environment, you’re an active part of shaping that broadened understanding. Through this technology, we’re all making an important difference.

The World's Stage for Neurosurgical Excellence

Through our partnership with Barrow Neurological Institute, we serve as the world’s largest training facility. Our ability to ideate and improve upon past medical achievements enables us to provide world-class care to our patients. We’ve trained peers in more than 48 countries, and have graduated elite surgeons and practitioners specializing in complex brain, spine and pain management care across the globe through our residency and fellowship programs. In essence, we’re proud to say that our team of gifted physicians openly shares vital knowledge with practitioners the world over.


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