What Research Means To You

Innovation and discovery drive us. It leads to better patient care, making it a critical factor to success. Through our partnership with Barrow Neurological Institute, we have the medical labs, clinical trials and research projects to support that effort. Our surgeons direct laboratory programs that address complex neurosurgical challenges. What does that mean for you? It means your Barrow care team is empowered to discover better treatment options, every day. It means you and your loved ones have access to groundbreaking research and treatments, sooner. It means you're being cared for by true medical pioneers in every sense of the word, focused on one important mission — helping you get well.

World Class Care Begins Here

Dr. Nader Sanai is dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways to treat a broad range of complex brain tumors, from gliomas and glioblastomas to the rarest of tumor types, including pineal tumors and ependymomas. It’s this kind of work, and this commitment to patient care and health, that makes Barrow Brain and Spine an ideal care partner.

Interested in the continued work of Barrow Neurological Institute? Our neurosurgeons work closely with experts in a variety of disciplines, getting closer every day to uncovering the complexities of neurological conditions, procedures and challenges. Take a closer look at the research happening at Barrow, and see how it benefits you.

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As a Barrow patient, you can feel confident we’ll exhaust every avenue to arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment plan customized specifically for you. Request a Surgical Evaluation online and our Patient Navigator will guide you through the next steps. *Please know that we prefer reviewing your imaging and medical records before your first appointment to give you the best patient care and treatment options.

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