What We Stand For

At Barrow Brain and Spine we have a long history of world renowned physicians, providing world class neurosurgery and patient care. To maintain that we are committed to fostering a culture of ethical behavior and integrity in all matters related to compliance with the laws that govern the delivery and billing of health care services. Barrow Brain and Spine’s Compliance Office provides information and tools to support and help ensure compliance with billing, coding, documentation, privacy, and conflict of interest rules. The Compliance Office utilizes a variety of methods and initiatives to keep the workforce informed about best practices for good business conduct and avoiding behavior that might lead to allegations of fraud and abuse or other noncompliance. By effectively communicating to all members of the practice, the Compliance Office plays a key role in promoting ethical business conduct and a culture of integrity by serving as a compass to our workforce to help navigate through the laws that govern the delivery and billing of health care services, such as: - Government Regulations - Understanding - Integrity and Ethical Decision Making - Documentation of Care - Education If you have questions or concerns, please call our Compliance and Integrity Hotline at (855) 208-3289.

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As a Barrow patient, you can feel confident we’ll exhaust every avenue to arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment plan customized specifically for you. Request a Surgical Evaluation online and our Patient Navigator will guide you through the next steps. *Please know that we prefer reviewing your imaging and medical records before your first appointment to give you the best patient care and treatment options.

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