Dr. Andrew Little Discusses How to Choose a Neurosurgeon

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Choosing the right neurosurgeon is a major decision but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Barrow Brain and Spine’s Dr. Andrew Little, a neurosurgeon with decades of experience advising and treating patients with complex brain and spine conditions, shares key tips to help patients select the neurosurgeon that is right for their needs.

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Among the factors to consider when selecting a neurosurgeon:

•Is the neurosurgeon on your insurance plan?

•How experienced is the neurosurgeon in treating your condition? What is their case volume?

•Is the neurosurgeon surrounded by an experienced support team (such as the Barrow Brain and Spine practice under the umbrella of the world-class Barrow Neurological Institute)?

•Is the neurosurgeon board certified in neurology and/or other specialties?

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