Dr. Luis Tumialán Shares the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living LIVE

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Neurosurgeon Dr. Luis Tumialán discusses minimally invasive spine surgery LIVE on ABC 15 Sonoran Living.

More than 95 percent of the surgeries Neurosurgeon Dr. Luis Tumialán performs on Barrow Brain and Spine patients are minimally invasive. Dr. Tumialán recently visited ABC 15’s Sonoran Living studios to provide viewers with insights on the many incredible benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery.  No other team in the Southwest has more collective experience in terms of complex spine and minimally invasive surgery volume than Barrow Brain and Spine — with life-changing results for patients!

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Q: What’s the approach with patients when it comes to suggesting they undergo a minimally invasive surgery?  

A: We identify obstacles, then design instruments or techniques to overcome them. In doing so, we create a more efficient procedure. These minimally invasive approaches allow us to minimize length of surgery while quickening and easing the recovery process for patients.  In addition, we use innovative tools, which allow us to preserve tissue and target more accurately to expedite the surgery and recovery process.

Q: What are some of the key benefits for patients who undergo a minimally invasive spine surgery?

A:  First, there is less risk. A smaller incision means less trauma and less risk of infection. Also, patients experience less post-operative pain so there is typically less reliance on narcotics. Finally, patients get equivalent results with faster recovery. After undergoing a minimally invasive surgery, they are often sent home the same day vs. a 2-3 day hospital stay!

Q: Barrow has years of collective experience when it comes to treating complex brain and spine cases with minimally invasive surgery and other innovative techniques. How does the Barrow Brain and Spine team stay at the forefront of world-class patient care?

A: Barrow Brain and Spine has proven itself a leader in research and technique when it comes to performing minimally invasive surgeries.  We work with each patient to determine if they are the right “fit” for a minimally invasive procedure and our team provides top-notch care and support through every phase of the process – from consultation, to surgery, to recovery.

Contact Dr. Tumialán at Barrow Brain and Spine’s Scottsdale office at 480-425-8004 or visit Barrow Brain and Spine online at: http://www.barrowbrainandspine.com/




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