May is National Physical Fitness Month– Find out How Our Team of Wellness Experts Can Help You Keep Your Health on Track for the Long Term!

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Barrow’s physician-supervised Wellness Program helps patients keep their health on track!

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – a great reason to renew that resolution to get fit!  In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine proclaims that exercise is medicine!

Is an injury or painful condition preventing you from staying active?  If so, consider coming to see us about our physician-supervised Wellness Program, housed in our state state-of-the-art Phoenix and Scottsdale NeuroSpine & Rehab Center locations.

Led by Dr. Raj Singh, our team of highly skilled experts includes physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, and exercise physiologists who work collaboratively with patients to create personalized plans that emphasize proper health, nutrition and fitness. 

“The patients we see range from those who are healing from a surgery or recovering from an injury to those who simply want to have more energy and enjoy life more by losing weight or eating healthier,” said  Dr. Raj Singh. “Whatever their existing level of wellness may be, we create a realistic, step-by-step plan to help them get their health on track.”

Our team utilizes a proven “three-tiered” Personal Wellness Program approach when counseling patients:

 1) Patients initially receive a comprehensive health assessment by Dr. Singh to assess their health history and identify current health challenges and goals.  This includes a complete metabolic, bone density, and body composition evaluation.

 2) A personalized wellness program is created for each patient to heal and strengthen the body. Patients meet with our experts monthly to receive guidance, support, and encouragement throughout their wellness journey.

 3) Upon achieving their wellness “benchmarks,” patients receive ongoing coaching from our experts every 3-6 months to empower them to keep their health and wellness on track!

In honor of National Physical Fitness Month, there’s no better time to get healthy and fit!

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