The Medical Memory Helps Ensure Clear Communication for Barrow Patients & Caregivers in the Wake of Alarming New Study

Barrow Brain and Spine brain surgeonA newly released study, which was recently reported on CBS News, found that preventable medical errors due in part to poor doctor-patient communication are the third leading cause of death in the United States!

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Stress and emotions typically run high for patients and their loved ones following a serious diagnosis or surgical procedure, which can cloud their ability to understand or retain essential information provided by their doctor. Unfortunately, upon being discharged, this communication breakdown can contribute to serious but preventable complications.

Fortunately, Barrow Brain and Spine patients have access to an innovative and FREE solution designed to enhance doctor-patient communication and safety.

The Medical Memory is a password protected video platform developed by Dr. Randall Porter, a Barrow Brain and Spine neurosurgeon, specifically to help patients retain and share valuable information related to their diagnosis and treatment.

Once the patient opts into The Medical Memory system, their patient-doctor interactions can be recorded during each visit and video is then securely uploaded to the Cloud for the patient to watch and share with family and caregivers. Additionally, in the hospital, doctors can leave video messages for patients and family while recording discharge instructions to ensure every essential detail related to patient care is captured.

Dr. Porter invented The Medical Memory after his own father was diagnosed with cancer and he personally encountered the frustration and stress of having to rely on his father to relay complex information related to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.  It was not possible for Dr. Porter to attend all of his father’s medical appointments, so he repeatedly followed up with the doctors himself to check on his father’s condition and care.

“I knew immediately how inefficient it was for physicians and their staff to have the same conversation over and over again,” said Dr. Porter. “I realized that a better, more efficient process would involve a video of doctor-patient consultations.”

Thanks to Dr. Porter’s ingenuity, Barrow patients have access to The Medical Memory as a FREE resource and they do not have to put themselves at unnecessary risk!

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