Tips for Better Brain and Spine Health in the New Year

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Our world-class team of brain, spine, and pain management experts can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Improving brain and spine health in the New Year just got a whole lot easier! Our Barrow Brain and Spine experts have rounded up the following tips to help you live better, healthier, and pain-free in 2017… and beyond!

Non-surgical treatment options work for the majority of patients! In most cases, surgery should be the last resort when it comes to treating spine conditions. In fact, more than 80 percent of patients with significant back or neck pain will get better with conservative treatment usually within 10-12 weeks. See a qualified specialist who can assess symptoms, perform a thorough neurological exam, review scans and explore what types of non-operative treatments may be reasonable before assuming that surgery is necessary.

Your lifestyle matters when it comes to spine health! Smoking cessation, weight loss, a diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D and regular exercises that strengthen the core are all factors that YOU can control for optimal spine health. Remember, you play an important role in your health and your lifestyle choices can and will impact spine health and longevity.

Act FAST when it comes to stroke signs and symptoms! Our endovascular neurosurgeons promote the American Stroke Associations’ FAST Campaign, which aims to help individuals recognize common stroke symptoms and take immediate action. FAST stands for Face (Is one side of the face drooping?), Arm (Is one arm weak or numb?), Speech (Is speech slurred?), Time (If these signs are present – get to a reputable center like Barrow ASAP)!

A better golf swing! Who doesn’t want to improve their golf swing — while preventing the back pain that commonly occurs after hitting the links? Balance has a huge influence on the golf swing as well as our overall health. Improving core strength and incorporating muscle balancing exercises into our daily routines can improve both safety and performance on the golf course.

Awareness and action for aneurysms! Aneurysm symptoms can easily go unnoticed until it’s too late. Many aneurysm patients are diagnosed when they have imaging done for other health issues. Today, if an aneurysm is suspected, physicians can perform a non-invasive MRA image of the brain in order to determine the best course of action. In addition, our neurosurgeons encourage patients to control blood pressure and STOP smoking if they are at risk for aneurysm.

“No Pain, No Gain” Should NOT apply to your PT program. The right physical therapy program should be both comfortable and successful. If your sessions are painful, it is important to voice this with your therapist and modify treatment. In addition to bringing you pain relief as soon as possible, your PT regimen should deliver long-term results that address the root cause of your symptoms.

Stay optimistic and open to new treatments. If one treatment option doesn’t bring you the relief you’re seeking, remain open to other alternatives. For example, if physical therapy treatments don’t sufficiently relieve pain, injection therapies can often deliver the desired results. Keep in mind that our team of experts is constantly researching and innovating in order to bring patients the best technologies, tools, and strategies that deliver the best outcomes!

Be vigilant … and follow up! Headaches, nausea, changes in speech, memory issues, and problems with balance are common triggers of health issues. However, persistent symptoms may signal that a brain tumor, or other serious condition, is present. Be proactive by scheduling a neurologic exam to check your vision, hearing, alertness, muscle strength, coordination and reflexes. It’s always smart to be proactive when it comes to your brain and spine health.

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