Phoenix Neurosurgeon Dr. Randall Porter Gives Spine Surgery Patient a Miraculous Outcome Following Serious ATV Accident


Dr. Randall Porter is a top spine surgery doctor at Barrow Brain and Spine

Phoenix Neurosurgeon Dr. Randall Porter Gives Spine Surgery Patient a Miraculous Outcome Following Serious ATV Accident

Blaine Williamson feels very fortunate today. Not only did he survive a serious ATV accident in the sand dunes of Glamis, California. A twist of fate led him to be airlifted into the hands of one of the world’s top spine surgery doctors, Dr. Randall Porter, MD at Barrow Brain and Spine in Phoenix.

Unable to move his legs at the scene of the accident, Blaine’s condition was serious and he was in danger of being left a quadriplegic. Time was of the essence. In order to take pressure off the spinal cord and stabilize the Blaine’s broken vertebrae, Dr. Porter first performed a spine surgery from the back where he placed rods on either side of the spine and another spine surgery from the front where he put in a plate to further stabilize the spine.

Today – miraculously – instead of facing life as a quadriplegic, Blaine is walking unassisted, has resumed many of the activities he enjoys and he is working diligently at his rehabilitation program in order to make the fullest recovery possible!

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