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Dr. Zabramski - Barrow Brain and Spine

Dr. Joseph Zabramski, Barrow Brain and Spine Neurosurgeon

Barrow Brain and Spine patient Nadine LeClert reached out to Dr. Joseph Zabramski, MD, recently to express her gratitude nineteen years after the skilled neurosurgeon performed three life changing surgeries for Nadine.  At a recent doctor appointment, Nadine was told by her current physician that her carotid looks “as good as if it were done just yesterday” and called the resulting treatment by Dr. Zabramski a “miracle.”

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Dear Dr. Zabramski,

In December & January, 1997, you performed 3 surgeries on me.  Plus, you handled a stroke!!  I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU again for saving my life.  Just this week, my cardiologist ran tests on the carotids and brain and, thanks to you, we got a wonderful report.  It was the first time I have been checked since 1998 when you released me!!  My doctor said “the right carotid looks as good as if it were done just yesterday.”  And, the “double-barreled bypass is clear and looking good.”  He said “it was a miracle”…and I told him I already knew that.  You might like to know that I have lived these 19+ years without a serious illness.  I hope this news blesses you as much as you blessed me by your skills and our prayers! 

Sincerely, with much love to you,  Nadine LeClert , Amarillo, TX

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